Why Should You Vote for the new Athletic Trainer Director?

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By: Cherie Trimberger

BOC Communications Coordinator

This time of the year, election campaign messaging is all around you. With local, state and national candidates appearing on the news, in TV ads, online and on signage, you might start to feel overwhelmed with elections, campaigns and the whole process. To top it off, there are elections for clubs, church councils and professional organizations you’re involved in, like the Board of Certification (BOC).

With so many campaigns and elections, you might start to think, “Why should I pay attention to another election? How does an election for the BOC Athletic Trainer (AT) Director affect me?”

To start, it’s not such a bad thing to live in a country and society where we are overwhelmed with the opportunity to vote. Voting allows you to have a say in not only your government but in organizations that have a hand in your life. The BOC election for AT Director is no exception.

The new AT Director will serve on the BOC Board of Directors. As BOC Certified Athletic Trainer, you have the right to have a say in who is elected to the BOC Board and who makes decisions affecting your certification. You also have a responsibility to yourself and the athletic training community to help elect new board members.

Again, you might be wondering, “How do the BOC Board members’ decisions affect my certification?”

Take a look at the major ways this election can affect you.

1. BOC Board members make decisions on certification standards for ATs.2. BOC Board members make decisions on continuing education (CE) requirements.3. BOC Board members’ decisions on certification standards and CE requirements ultimately affect an AT’s ability to work within the profession.

There are 3 candidates who are running to be the new AT Director. They are Randy L. Aldret, EdD, LAT, ATC; Kimberly Detwiler, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS; and Catherine “Cat” Stemmans Paterson, PhD, LAT, ATC. Take the time to learn more about these candidates by visiting

Then, don’t forget to vote in the election! Voting opens September 8 and closes October 15, 2015, 11:59pm CT. To vote, you must access your official ballot. Login information will be provided starting September 8 via an email from

There is still plenty of time for you to have a voice in this election. Remember, it does affect you

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