In-Depth Look: Athletic Trainer for the USA Women’s National Volleyball Team

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Jill Wosmek, ATC is Head Athletic Trainer for the USA Women’s National Volleyball Team. She has been working in this setting for over 7 years.

Describe your setting:

I work with the Women’s National Volleyball Team and Olympic level athletes.

How long have you worked in this setting?

I started working in this setting in May of 2009.

Describe your typical day:

My day starts early. I like to get in a morning workout prior to the day starting so am up at 4:30am. I’ll then start admin and prep work for the morning session with the team. The athletes start to arrive around 7:00am for pre-practice treatment and therapy. The team trains from 8:30am to 11:30am. I will do a variety of things during that time including admin tasks, rehab with post-op athletes or watch practice. We’ll then preform post-practice treatments, and afterwards, go to lunch.

In the afternoon, we prepare for a second session. This may be more court work, yoga or weightlifting depending on the day and the athlete’s needs. We end the day with lots of recovery and individualized treatment plans. At some point, we normally have a staff meeting, so there is always time to strategize with our team.

USA win first Women''s World Championship title.

What do you like about your position?

I like working with elite level athletes and having the responsibility of being an influencer to this unique group. I also like having a leadership role that goes beyond a typical Athletic Trainer position. I’m lucky to feel fulfilled and challenged in my role and have the ability to provide selfless service that goes beyond just a sport.

What do you dislike about your position?

Like any athletic training position, time management can be challenging. It can be hard to find time for yourself outside of work.

What advice do you have about your practice setting for a young AT looking at this setting?

My advice would be to gain as much experience as you can! We all have so much to learn, and I still feel overwhelmed at times when I come across things I’d like to know more about. It can be tough to fit it all in.

I would also say to appreciate other disciplines and rely on their insight as well. The best service you can provide to your athletes and staff is a comprehensive approach to sports medicine and performance along with humility.

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