CARE Conference Provides State Regulators with a Meaningful Educational Experience

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The BOC hosted the CARE Conference 2022, from July 15-16, 2022, in Omaha, Nebraska. Attendees from both the athletic training and regulatory industries participated in the two-day event, offering regulatory best practices for the Athletic Trainer regulatory industry.

Here is what members among the 60 attendees, representing 29 states, the District of Columbia and Canada, had to says about CARE Conference 2022:

  • Great educational experience. It has made me think of how the association and regulatory boards could work together for the Athletic Trainers in the state.
  • Very well-done conference. First class all the way. Thank you!
  • The conference was very well organized and executed! Many congratulations all around!
  • One of the best conferences I’ve attended in recent years.
  • Great overall conference, I left with a lot to take back home for our state association to work on with our state licensing board.

Presentation slides from CARE Conference 2022 are available on the BOC website. The event included a presentation from Dale Atkinson, JD of the Atkinson Firm that addressed the enforcement obligations of regulatory boards, covering all aspects of licensure, including issuance, renewal, grounds for discipline, administrative procedures, sanction options and post adverse action activities. Additional topics covered during the conference included the future role of licensure boards, promoting equity and inclusion in the regulatory realm, license mobility, as well as the impacts of telehealth on licensure and regulation.

Click here for full recap of CARE Conference 2022 and award winners.

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