BOC Self-Assessment Exam – An Individualized Assessment Tool

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Many program directors recommend the BOC Self-Assessment Exam (SAE) to candidates preparing for the BOC certification exam. While BOC SAE is an important resource to aid in exam preparation, it’s also important to note that the content of the SAE, much like the content of the BOC certification exam itself, should not be discussed among candidates preparing for the BOC certification exam or program directors.

Sharing or going through SAEs in a shared classroom setting is NOT something that should be integrated into a formalized exam prep program. The SAEs are focused on individual practice. It is copyrighted property of the BOC and should not be copied, reproduced, discussed or distributed in any manner. Unauthorized copying or distribution of any portion of these exams may be subject to civil liability for copyright infringement and disciplinary action pursuant to Code 3.9 of the “BOC Standards of Professional Practice.

The BOC urges program directors to encourage candidates to use the SAE in its intended format as an individualized assessment tool. While other tools and resources may be beneficial in assessing a candidate’s knowledge and identifying specific areas they may need to study further, the BOC SAE mimics the system and question formatting of the certification exam. This helps candidates build confidence going into the exam as they are aware of what to expect from “practicing” with the simulated exam experience of the SAE. When used correctly, the SAE can be a powerful resource to help candidates prepare for the BOC certification exam.

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