About Us

The Board of Certification, Inc. (BOC) was incorporated in 1989 as a not-for-profit credentialing agency to provide a certification program for the entry-level athletic training profession. The BOC establishes both the standards for the practice of athletic training and the continuing education requirements for BOC Certified Athletic Trainers (ATs). The BOC also works with state regulatory agencies to provide credential information, professional conduct guidelines and regulatory standards on certification issues. The BOC also has the only accredited certification program for ATs in the United States and has a mutual recognition agreement with Ireland.

BOC Vision: The BOC exists so that healthcare professionals worldwide have access to globally recognized standards of competence and exceptional credentialing programs that support them in the protection of the public and the provision of excellent patient care.

BOC Mission: To provide exceptional credentialing programs for healthcare professionals to assure protection of the public.

BOC Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Fairness, Transparency, Service

Expanding Awareness, Opportunity and Outreach
Our Vision for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Advocacy

Our responsibility
In line with our responsibility of public protection, the BOC is dedicated to inclusion, diversity, equity and advocacy.

Our goal
Our ultimate mission is to protect the public – a serious responsibility. The population includes everyone and ALL its diversity! The BOC must be diligently aware, equitable and inclusive to provide protection to our constituents.

Our approach

AT credentialing - We will ensure our credentialing exams reflect cultural competence. We will ensure our exam delivery process is inclusive and we will make appropriate accommodations for candidates. We understand the diversity of our stakeholders is ever-changing and our competency is a continuum. We will remain humble so we can learn and make continuous improvements.

Volunteerism – We rely on skilled volunteers to carry out the vision of the BOC. We intentionally seek diverse representation, viewpoints and experiences to contribute to this work. There are opportunities for all to participate through volunteer and leadership roles.

Employment – The BOC strives to create a diverse and inclusive culture, valuing employees with distinct backgrounds and experiences. Our environment allows for creative and analytical thinkers to provide feedback on how we can continue to grow and improve. We work to build a welcoming workplace that puts a strong focus on individual strengths, teamwork and enabling both personal and professional growth.

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