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Practice Analysis

The purpose of the BOC certification program is to establish that individuals have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform tasks critical for the safe and competent practice as an entry-level Athletic Trainer through the examination and continuing competence requirements. The BOC Practice Analysis (PA) identifies essential knowledge and skills for the athletic training profession and serves as a blueprint for exam development and continuing competence programming. Read more about the practice analysis below.

Two practice analysis documents are now available. Role Delineation Study/Practice Analysis, 6th Edition (RD/PA6) remains in effect for the BOC exam until January/February 2017 and for continuing education until December 31, 2017. Practice Analysis, 7th Edition (PA7) will become effective after these dates.

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Please verify the correct version for your needs before making a purchase. By purchasing a document from the BOC Store, you indicate your understanding of the product being purchased. Both RD/PA6 and PA7 are electronic files that will be available for download immediately upon completion of online payment. Purchasers must download and save the file using the link provided on the order completion page, as the document will not be sent via email or mail.

Role Delineation Study/Practice Analysis, Sixth EditionRole Delineation Study/Practice Analysis, Sixth Edition (RD/PA6)
BOC Exam: RD/PA6 is effective for BOC exams beginning April 2011 and ending January/February 2017.
Certification Maintenance: RD/PA6 is effective for continuing education beginning January 1, 2012, and ending December 31, 2017.

Practice Analysis, 7th EditionPractice Analysis, 7th Edition (PA7)
BOC Exam: PA7 is effective for BOC exams beginning April 2017.
Certification Maintenance: PA7 is effective for continuing education beginning January 1, 2018.

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Free RD/PA6 Documents:
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The accompanying PA7 documents are available for download at no cost:

About the Practice Analysis

The PA validates importance, criticality and relevance to practice for broad content areas and tasks. The PA is significant for content validity because it ensures that the domains of athletic training covered on the BOC exam reflect the range of practice settings throughout the US.

In general, a PA is one of the methods used to identify and prioritize the critical tasks of a job or profession and the essential competencies an individual should possess to perform the required functions satisfactorily. For certification purposes, a PA is used to establish a defined set of domains, tasks and associated knowledge and/or skills necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the job to the standards required for certification.