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Facility Principles

BOC Facility Principles

The BOC Facility Principles online resource helps you gauge your athletic training facility’s compliance with applicable regulations and best practices.

This online tool includes interactive checklists on accessibility, privacy and confidentiality, employee safety, safe handling of hazardous materials, emergency preparedness and more. It also allows you to generate reports for each facility you assess.

The BOC Facility Principles online resource uses the same procedures outlined in the BOC Facility Principles document to ensure safe, effective operation and compliance of athletic training facilities.

The BOC created the Facility Standards Work Group in 2012 and tasked its members with developing a comprehensive document detailing what is essential to ensure a safe, properly equipped athletic training facility. The work group consists of experts from BOC, NCAA, NATA, NIAAA, NFHS, CUATC and SSATC committees.