Time to Elevate!

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In October, the Board of Certification (BOC) will be launching the BOC Approved Provider (AP) program into new territory.

We’ve integrated AP feedback into a new horizon of what continuing education (CE) programming for Athletic Trainers (ATs) will look like. The BOC is simplifying processes and streamlining steps, all with a view to providing the highest quality CE to ATs.

The AP section of the BOC website is being revitalized with an updated, clean look that is easy to navigate. The enhanced site will also include packaged resources to improve the AP experience. The “Standards for BOC Approved Providers” and “BOC Approved Provider Policies and Procedures” have been clarified and condensed.

In addition to these improvements, we’re developing a state-of-the-art, customized portal to house AP accounts. This gateway holds a dashboard to enable APs to track activity, requirements, upcoming deadlines and access program resources.

Another bright spot in this project is a next level program directory in which APs can schedule and market CE programs to ATs. This will be a pivotal hub promoted to over 55,000 ATs. Our goal is to make this the number one resource for ATs looking for CE to match their shifting needs in this changing world.

The BOC is looking to improve the AP experience and support the development of high-quality education to meet the needs of the athletic training profession.

Exciting landmarks are ahead in this transition. We’ll be updating you over the coming weeks with more details and a view to where we are headed.

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