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Dan Libera Service

Dan LiberaThe BOC Dan Libera Service Award was established in 1995 in recognition of Dan’s contributions to the BOC certification program. The award recognizes individuals who have shown dedication to the mission of the BOC. Long-standing contributions to the BOC’s programs are the primary criteria for the award.

Dan was well-known throughout the nation for his enthusiasm and commitment to the profession of athletic training. Through his work at the University of Northern Colorado and his volunteer activities with the NATA and the BOC, he was able to pass on these traits to the students and colleagues who had the privilege to work with him.

Dan was a founding member of the Colorado Athletic Trainers’ Association, serving as secretary from 1979 until 1983. In addition, he held several offices in the NATA, including the District 7 Research and Injury Committee, the Membership Committee, the Board of Directors and the Board of Certification.

In 1995, Dan was inducted in to the Rocky Mountain Athletic Trainers’ Association Hall of Fame. In pursuit of educating others, Dan gave presentations throughout the country and served as a consultant to NIKE, Kodak of Colorado, the NCAA and several high schools in Colorado. In 1997, Dan was inducted in to the NATA Hall of Fame.

Dan passed on August 2, 1997, from complications from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

2015 "Dan Libera Service Award" Recipients
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Dawn Hammerschmidt
Pete Koehneke
Scott Sunderland

Past "Dan Libera Service Award" Recipients
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Paul Grace Leadership

Paul Grace The Paul Grace Leadership Award was established by the BOC Board of Directors in 2005. This award seeks to recognize individuals who have excelled in developing, designing and/or implementing programs or practices that have contributed to the mission of the BOC.

Paul served the BOC as Executive Director for 15 years and, during that time, was the influential leader for the BOC certification program, the ultimate visionary and a cultivator of leaders. He has been recognized nationally as one of the top leaders by the certification community.

Submit nominations for the 2013 Paul Grace Leadership Award by May 31, 2013, by filling out this application form.

The 2013 Paul Grace Leadership Award was presented to Sara Brown, MS, ATC. In her nomination of Sara, Dr. Eric Sauers wrote:

Sara Brown has been a tireless advocate for the benefits of BOC certification to the public and the profession of athletic training. This has been evidenced in myriad ways, but most recently through innovative leadership activities related to BOC programs. Specifically, as Chair of the NATA Executive Committee for Education (ECE) from 2009 to the present. During this time, her efforts to improve the professional education of athletic training has led to direct benefits to both consumers of BOC services (ie, patients and clients of ATs) and AT students in pursuit of their BOC credential. Her leadership of the ECE and its broad range of activities, including continuing education, has also directly benefited those who already hold the BOC credential. These efforts only reflect her most service to the ECE.

Even more impressive is her diverse and long-standing commitment to the BOC dating back to 1989 when she started as an Examination Examiner and culminating in her 8 years of service as a BOC Board of Directors where she served as both the Vice President and the President. I can think of nobody who has embodied a commitment to the mission of the BOC more than Sara Brown.

2013 "Paul Grace Leadership Award" Recipient
Sara Brown, MS, ATC
Sara Brown, MS, ATC

Past "Paul Grace Leadership Award" Recipients
Bernadette Olson, 2011
Dr. Vito Perriello, Jr., presented posthumously, 2009
Brad Sherman, 2007
Paul Grace, 2005

Public Advocacy

The Public Advocacy Award is designed to recognize an individual, group or organization who has demonstrated leadership in protecting athletic training consumers. Public Advocacy Award recipients are leaders in the conception, construction and/or modification of Athletic Trainer regulation that protects the public and athletic training consumers. The recipients are, but not limited to, Certified Athletic Trainers, Athletic Trainer regulators, legislators, Athletic Trainer organizations or athletic training consumer advocates.

The nominee shall:
  1. Be an individual or group who has served as an advocate for the public and athletic training consumers
  2. Demonstrate evidence of significant contributions to the BOC mission through:
    1. leadership in the conception, construction and/or modification of Athletic Trainer regulation to benefit the public and/or athletic training consumers and/or
    2. research activities to support Athletic Trainer regulation that benefits the public and athletic training consumers and/or
    3. activities to benefit consumers of BOC services or services of BOC Certified Athletic Trainers

2015 "Public Advocacy Award" Recipients
Chris King accepts the Public Advocacy Award on behalf of Alabama Sen. Greg Reed. BOC Board President Susan McGowen is pictured with Mike "Sully" Sullivan of the Illinois Athletic Trainers Association Inc. IATA was jointly honored with Midwest Orthopaedics at RUSH.

Past "Public Advocacy Award" Recipients
Keith Webster

Ann Berry
Texas State Athletic Trainers’ Association
Rusty McKune

Hawaii Athletic Trainers’ Association
Joni Jenkins
Lisa Walker