Portfolio FAQs


No. Your CEUs can come from any category.
No. There will be no restrictions on the number of CEUs required from each category.
We want you to have the freedom to develop a learning plan with few limitations. This will teach us more about how you want to learn.
We recommend keeping in mind both your current workplace and other possible settings.
The objective assessment is not scored. Its purpose is only to help determine strengths and weaknesses.
You can view sample exam questions on the BOC website. Please note that the only item type used in the objective assessment is multiple choice.
It is similar. However, it is shorter, not timed and not taken in a secure environment. You don’t receive a score on the objective assessment.
If the portfolio were to be used continuously, you would re-evaluate and potentially update your goals.
Yes. Our online directory of offered programs can be helpful if you enter keywords to search for a specific type of program. We are also working on upgrading the directory. For now, you can find programs on the BOC website.
Possibly. The purpose of the pilot study is to gather evidence to help us make an informed decision for future requirements.
No. You must retain all documents in case you are audited.

Continuing Educaiton

If the surgery was 2 hours, you can use it for 2 CEUs. A letter from the surgeon would be appropriate.
Yes, this could count in Category D or possibly the EBP Category for 2016-2017. Please see the EBP Category requirements for more information.
No. Because you are working with a student and not a Certified Athletic Trainer or other licensed or accredited healthcare provider, it would be considered below entry-level.
Yes, if the student is a Certified Athletic Trainer.
The first instance would qualify, but the second would not. Instructing students, who are considered below entry-level, does not count for CEUs.
Yes, if students are Certified Athletic Trainers or other licensed/accredited healthcare providers.