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Verify Candidate Eligibility for BOC Exam

Step 1

Receive email notification to electronically confirm the eligibility of one of your students for the BOC certification exam

Step 3

Approve or reject AT101 - Exam Application - Step 1
  • In the "Forms" section, click "Inbox" (If you do not see the inbox when you first log in to BOC Central™, please Be Certain.™ you have validated your personal information. If you still are not seeing the inbox link in the left side navigation after you have clicked the "Verify Record And Agree To License Terms Below" button, please log out and close your internet browser. When you open a new browser window and log in again, the inbox should be there.)
  • Click on AT101, review information and click "Approve" or "Reject" link
  • If AT101 is rejected, you will need to enter a reason in the box provided
  • If candidate corrects error and resubmits form, you will receive another email to review the information again

Print Steps

  1. Receive email notification
  2. Log in to BOC Central™
  3. Approve or reject AT101
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