Hung Out to Dry

I remember attending the NATA convention for the first time in my professional career in Kansas City, MO. One of the presentations I attended was about risk management and involved a mock trial. I was amazed at how quickly things could turn if you ever had to go to court and how easily an employer might leave you hung out to dry while they protected their best interests. From that time I vowed I would always have liability insurance in addition to whatever my employer provided me.

Fast forward to grad school at the University of Nebraska Omaha where Dr. Eickhoff-Shemek taught a risk management class and I learned all about case law and the intricacies of the court system. I read case after case where organizations decided to settle out of court and left the employees to fend for themselves with little to no legal help. Again, I vowed to never go without liability insurance.

Now I have expanded my duties to include volunteering for a few organizations, serving on our state’s athletic training association and giving frequent advice to coaches, parents, athletes, athletic directors, other athletic trainers, etc. I still commit to having liability insurance and I’m still grateful to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association for making arrangements to keep it affordable.

For me, it is a no brainer. The investment up front is worth the potentially devastating financial and professional fall out that could happen. Sometimes it is hard to justify the money, especially on a tight budget, but it is something that I consider a priority. I’m curious how many Athletic Trainers view liability insurance this way or take the approach that it will all be okay?

Written By: Danielle Kleber, ATC

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