Every Body Needs an Athletic Trainer: NATM Coming Soon

For Athletic Trainers, March will be an exciting month to promote and celebrate the athletic training profession. National Athletic Training Month (NATM) is organized by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association with this year’s theme being “Every Body Needs an Athletic Trainer.” It is important to promote the profession and the knowledge and skill of ATs on a daily and weekly basis, but the month of March provides the opportunity to really reach out to communities both in the general public and healthcare communities.

Last year, the BOC posted blogs with ideas on how to make the most of NATM.

Spreading #NATM on social media

Requesting a Proclamation for NATM

Create Displays to Promote NATM

6 Word Declaration: Shout It Out!

Put the AT Face with a Name at Sporting Events

Public Service Announcements for NATM

The Power of Gratitude During NATM

Use the 2013 NATA PR Toolkit. We would like to hear what you or your employer/organization is planning for National Athletic Training Month. Please share any photos and stories from your events.

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Brittney Ryba

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