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NATM in New York City

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Posted February 8, 2017

By Lauren Stephenson, MA, ATC

“Athletic Trainers Save Lives.”

“Every Body Needs an Athletic Trainer.”

“We’ve Got Your Back.”

“We Prepare You Perform.”

“A Safer Approach to Work, Life & Sport.”

“Your Protection is Our Priority.”

Every March Athletic Trainers (ATs) are dedicated to promoting National Athletic Training Month (NATM) and the athletic training profession. At Stony Brook University (SBU), we began a NATM tradition in 2012 with an inaugural trip to the “TODAY Show” in New York City to help kick-off NATM. The first year, there were a total of 30 students, faculty and staff attending all wearing university attire and carrying signs promoting the NATM slogans.  The trip was a huge success!  We received recognition from the hosts of the show and enjoyed some great group activities. The activities included breakfast at Ellen’s Stardust Diner on Broadway and a visit to the Body Worlds exhibit. The trip made such an impact that we decided to continue the tradition the following year.

In 2013, our group of now almost 50 including alumni (and we thought 2012 was huge), made the very early-morning, and much colder, trek into New York City for another amazing day. Our group filled an entire side of the “TODAY Show” corral with ATs and AT students. We followed this with breakfast at Ellen’s Stardust Diner s and a tour with Jim Ramsay, head AT for the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden.

With a couple of years’ experience under our belt, we decided to make an even bigger impact in 2014 by inviting our colleagues from all of District 2. This was the biggest success yet with over 200 ATs and AT students lining the entire “TODAY Show” corral.  We held signs with our new NATA logo and were proud to represent all regions of District 2, now this was huge.  Our breakfast at Ellen’s Stardust Diner became a networking event for students from varying institutions. Then, the SBU crew followed that with a custom mouth guard workshop at New York City dental school.

In preparing for our 2015 event, we wanted to make our NATM kick-off tradition have an even greater impact Let’s get the word out that March is National Athletic Training Month! So we decided to not only attend the “TODAY Show”, but to also include the audience of “Good Morning America.” In addition, we invited District 1 to join us. In 2015, we gathered 100 ATs and students at each location and gained recognition from Robin Roberts at “Good Morning America.”  Our breakfast networking continued at Ellen’s Stardust Diner and several schools attended the Body World Exhibit together.

In 2016, we continued this tradition of attending 2 shows and set an all-time record of over 250 ATs and students! After breakfast, the SBU crew enjoyed an amazing experience with performing arts ATand SBU alumnus, Monica Lorenzo, MS, ATC at Radio City Music Hall. Lorenzo is an ATfor The Radio City Rockettes.

2017 marks our sixth year for NATM in New York City. It has become a tradition, not only for SBU, but for many ATs and AT programs in the northeast. We have over 13 institutions throughout Districts 1 and 2 represented and are looking forward to promoting this year’s slogan: “Your Protection is Our Priority.”

Every year we receive snap shots from people watching their TVs all over the US. They are always excited to see friends and colleagues and our NATA logo plastered across their morning news screens.  It has always been our goal to promote our profession. However, our event has evolved into an experience of camaraderie among all those in attendance, sharing an unparalleled experience of professional pride.

Being in New York City, we are lucky we have access to some of the largest morning news shows in the country. However, we recognize that travel to New York City in March is not feasible for ATs across the US. We have found this type of NATM event to be very rewarding, and we hope you join us in seeking out your local morning news show to help promote the athletic training profession in March. Here are some tips for making a successful local event:

1. Find out if your local news station allows visitors for a live audience.

2. If they allow visitors, check in with other local AT programs and ATs to see if they want to attend.

- Local AT associations also can send out a mass email with your contact info.

- The more people the greater the impact.

3. Make a spreadsheet that includes one contact for each interested institution.

4. When you a have general idea of how many will be in attendance, use the NATA PR Toolkit for NATM to create a press release and send it to the news station. You can find the NATA PR Toolkit at

5. Create an itinerary for the day and make sure you arrive very early to get a good spot.

- Be detailed so everyone knows where to go and who to direct questions from the producers to.

- Breakfast or a fun event afterward is always a bonus.

6. If you can’t get a large group together, just get started with your own group and it will grow from there.

If you’re interested in attending NATM in New York City or would like some guidance on starting your own event, please contact You can follow our event on Facebook at  or on the “TODAY Show” or “Good Morning America” on March 3, 2017.

Happy National Athletic Training Month!




How did we start off National Athletic Training Month (NATM)? With an annual visit to the “TODAY Show!”

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Posted on March 10, 2016

Beth Wolfe

By Beth Wolfe, CAGS, ATC

Dark and early on March 4, a group of about 100 Athletic Trainers and students from District 1 and District 2 volunteered to stand in the snow and 30 degree weather to show their support for our profession. Due to the weather and national news headlines, the celebrities of the “TODAY Show” spent very little time outside on the plaza. However, Al Roker did take the time to shake hands and talk to a group of Hofstra athletic training students off camera, after reporting the weather from the plaza. Regardless of the limited live coverage from outside on the plaza, many of our posters made it on live TV during the interview with the United States Olympic gymnasts Mary Lou Retton, Carly Patternson and Nastia Liukin.

This year is special, as there are 2 chances to join the NATM in New York City events! We are going back to New York City on March 18 to be on “Good Morning America!” Be sure to set your DVRs and take pictures of your TVs and tablets as over 200 Athletic Trainers and students will be present to support NATM.

Each year this event continues to grow and become a spotlight for celebrating NATM. A special thanks to Lauren Stephenson and the Stony Brook Athletic Training Program as this event would not be possible without their efforts and support. The NATA is appreciative of your time and efforts to run this great event each year!

Would you like to join us next year? Follow the event on Facebook for the latest updates and news on NATM in NYC 2017:

About the Author

Elizabeth “Beth” Wolfe is the Injury Prevention Coordinator and Research Assistant for the Tufts Medical Center Division of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery in Boston, Massachusetts. Wolfe received her undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina (2010) and master’s in Health Education (2012) and CAGS in Sport Psychology (2013) at Boston University. Wolfe is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Health Science in Healthcare Administration and Leadership at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. A few of her research interests include bike and pedestrian safety; fall prevention; concussion/head injury documentation and coding; and performance/quality improvement programming for the profession of athletic training. Wolfe is an active medical volunteer for the Boston Athletic Association and numerous other races/events throughout the greater New England area. In her free time, Beth loves to ride her bike around Boston and participates in local rugby and softball leagues.

"TODAY Show" interview with the United States Olympic gymnasts.

National Athletic Training Month signs as seen on the "TODAY Show!"



















Wrapping Up National Athletic Training Month 2014

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers' Society at NBC Today Show Rockefeller Center NYC.

March was an amazing month for National Athletic Training Month (NATM), and it was great to see what everyone did to promote "We’ve got your back" and the profession.

Al Roker and Scott Dietrich.

Scott Dietrich, an athletic training professor at East Stroudsburg University (ESU) in Pennsylvania, was one of the organizers of an NATM Today Show trip to New York City. Students and faculty from ESU attended the Today Show for the first time on February 28th, thanks to a Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Society (PATS) Fundly online campaign to get sponsorships and donations to finance the trip. Students had the opportunity to attend with just an expense of $10. PATS members and students were grateful for the contributions that helped spread the word about the profession.

Lauren Stephenson, an athletic training faculty member at Stony Brook University located in New York, coordinated the agenda for the NYC-NATM day, while Scott coordinated the poster party at ESU and charter bus. A group of about 60 people, which included students and faculty from ESU, Lock Haven University and California University of Pennsylvania, gathered at ESU the night before and ate pizza while making posters for display on camera. The bus left at 4:30am for the 70-mile drive and arrived at the Today Show at 5:45am just in time to fill out waivers and get through the gates. It was 7 degrees out, but everyone was thrilled to join close to 150 others people from District 2, all waving signs and proclaiming National Athletic Training Month! Athletic Trainers (ATs) were even appropriately mentioned by Al Roker in this TV clip.

Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers' Society at NBC Today Show Rockefeller Center NYC.

PATS does not limit promoting the profession to just the month of March. On April 1st, they took to the state capitol in Harrisburg, PA, to speak with more than 16 legislators to encourage hiring ATs in the approximately 150 schools that currently do not have access to AT services. On April 27th, the athletic training programs in Northeastern PA will host the 12th annual NEPA Athletic Training Scholarship 5K race to raise money for a student scholarship. This event has been going on for the past 12 years, and the combined effort with King’s College, Marywood, Alvernia and East Stroudsburg Universities has earned over $22,000 in scholarship funds.

What was your favorite part about NATM? Share your moments in the comments.

Written By:
Brittney Ryba