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In-Depth Look: AT who is the Founder and President of 2 Companies

Friday, June 26th, 2015

Pictured are: Edward B. Kravitz, wife Michelle, daughter Adriana and dog Daphne.




Name and title:

Edward B. Kravitz, MS, ATC, LAT

Founder and President

Athletic Trainer Solutions, LLC

Innovative CEUs, LLC


Describe your setting:

Athletic Trainer Solutions, LLC (ATS) is a per-diem Athletic Trainer assignment company in Connecticut. ATS assigns independent contractor athletic trainers to cover a wide variety of athletic contests from youth sports, tournaments, and middle school, high school and college events. We currently assign AT coverage for 3,000 to 4,000 games per year in Connecticut. Innovative CEUs, LLC (ICEU) is an on-line National Medical-Based Youth and Secondary Coaching Educational Company. We have also recently launched a new client’s area on our ICEU website to allow us to host any third party on line course. This now allows ICEU to license their website to any organization to host and make any of their courses as an on-line course utilizing the ICEU on-line platform. Innovative CEUs, LLC (ICEU) will be the hosting site where ATs can get a wide variety of very affordable, convenient, on-line BOC EBP CEUs to fit their busy schedules.


How long have you worked in this setting?

I have been a certified athletic trainer since 1994 when I graduated Central Connecticut State University (CCSU).  I founded Athletic Trainer Solutions, LLC on April 10, 2007 and Innovative CEUs, LLC on August 30, 2010.


Describe your typical day:

In the mornings and early afternoons I do office work for both companies, and some afternoons and evenings I cover athletic contests as an athletic trainer through Athletic Trainer Solutions, LLC. Evenings not in the field working on business work and spending time with my happy, healthy and beautiful family: my wife Michelle, our daughter Adriana and dog Daphne we adopted from Georgia.


What do you like about your position?

My creativity and passion let me found and create Athletic Trainer Solutions, LLC (ATS) and Innovative CEUs, LLC (ICEU). Athletic Trainer Solutions, LLC (ATS) allows me to be able to do amazing work. ATS provides AT coverage for athletic venues that would never be able to afford a full time AT, as well as covers maternity leave coverage for schools that would never be able to get an AT to provide this coverage. ATS also is able to provide ATs with a central location to get high quality independent contract AT assignments that fit their busy schedules. Innovative CEUs, LLC (ICEU) lets me run with my other passion, creating educational programs for a wide range of individuals and groups. ICEU has their own on-line medical-based coaching educational courses as well as we now license our site to any organization that wants to provide on-line education to their membership. ICEU is partnering with a lot of organizations and companies to license their on-line educational platform.   The first AT organization we have partnered with is the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers’ Association (GLATA) – District IV. GLATA is real excited about this collaboration so they can offer their EBP courses at an affordable price to their membership.


What do you dislike about your position? 

I do not have any dislikes running my own business.  I am really passionate about my roles and position in Athletic Trainer Solutions, LLC (ATS) and Innovative CEUs, LLC (ICEU). I embrace the hard work it is to run and grow both companies. Sometimes there are days you wake up and don’t want to work on a project that needs to get done.


What advice do you have about your practice setting for a young AT looking at this setting?

A young AT should get a lot of experience in a wide range of settings before starting their own AT Assignment Company. There is a lot to creating and running your own company.  My phone can ring from a current or future client etc. at any time of the day or evening. You always need to answer and return these phone calls in a very timely manner. The same applies to emails. I have found it much better to call and or meet my clients rather than communicating with them via text, email or social media. It makes for a much better relationship with this personal connection.

When things need to get done, if AT coverage is requested at the last minute, sometimes it is me who moves my schedule around and covers the game to make sure all games are covered. Often this affects our family time, so to be successful with a family your spouse and family need to buy in and be part of your team to make this work as a family. I am fortunate my wife Michelle has always supported all my work related to starting both my businesses. Another lesson I learned running my own businesses is the customer or client is always right even when they are not. One dissatisfied customer or client can ruin your reputation.

Never be satisfied with the growth of your business. Always strive to grow or diversity your own business. One foundation of my successes was to always have a 5 year plan with 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year incremental goals to accomplish. Without this 5 year plan, I would find myself being complacent and spinning my wheels instead of moving forward towards a goal. Perseverance I believe is 99% the formula for being successful with anything in life. For every no you hear you are halfway to the yes answer you are looking for. Find a good mentoring system with people you know to be able to support and answer all your business questions. Running my own business I learn at least one new thing a day. A lot of times, I need to bounce a business idea to one of my support team or advisors to get their perspective before I make a decision. A lot of what I learned running my own business on a day to day basis is not taught in the classroom.

FAQ: What Approved Providers Need to Know About EBP Program Approval

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

As a current or aspiring BOC Approved Provider, you may have questions about how to offer BOC Approved Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Programs. Here are a few frequently asked questions with answers to help you through the application process.

Q: How do I apply for EBP program approval?

To be eligible for approval as an EBP event, the program must adhere to at least one of the following application formats: 1) Clinical EBP and/or 2) Foundations of EBP. There are three applications, one for each format and one for an integrated format that includes both clinical and foundations of EBP. Diversity among topics is encouraged in order to provide appropriate content for all clinicians relative to their level of expertise with EBP.

Q: What is the difference between Clinical EBP and Foundations of EBP Programs?

A: Clinical EBP programs are organized around a clinically oriented topic. Examples: Glenohumeral assessment, ACL rehabilitation, sport-related concussion. Foundations of EBP programs promote EBP within the profession by enhancing a clinician’s ability to find and evaluate evidence and apply it to their clinical practice; by defining EBP and how to use it; and by suggesting methods of integrating EBP into practice or teaching.

Q: How long does the EBP approval process take?

A: Providers will be notified of the initial application outcome within 10-16 weeks, depending on the length of the program and/or number of applications pending review.

Q: When does an EBP course expire?

A: Clinical EBP courses expire after two years. Foundations of EBP courses expire after five years. Course expiration date is always December 31st.

Q: What is considered “contemporary” experience on the EBP Faculty Qualification Form?

A: The term “contemporary” is not defined by dates. Qualified speakers must demonstrate current or recent examples of expertise.

Q: What format is required for the EBP home study course assessment?

A: As long as the evaluation activities demonstrate measurement of all learning outcomes of the course, the assessment can be varied and administered in an assortment of formats. For example:

  • - An exam using multiple choice questions and or other question formats. Questions would be based upon learning outcomes/content of the course.
  • - An EBP case study where students are asked to answer various questions based upon the case. Questions are related to course learning outcomes. These questions could be in a multiple choice or open-ended format.
  • - An assignment such as the following: The purpose of this assignment is three fold: 1) to demonstrate the ability to develop a clinical question using the PICO format, 2) to demonstrate the ability to search the CSR and other databases to find literature related to the clinical question and 3) to analyze, synthesize and create an outline of findings that answer the clinical question based upon the literature.
  • - Cochran Systematic Review/other databases: Participants will each develop a clinical question on a topic and research it using the Cochran library system and other databases. Students will develop an outline of their findings based upon the evidence.