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Athletic Trainers Expand their International Reach

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014
Pictured are, from left, BOC President Susan McGowen, CATA President Richard DeMont and ARTI President Paul Berry.

Pictured are, from left, BOC President Susan McGowen,
CATA President Richard DeMont and ARTI President Paul Berry.

Athletic Trainers and Athletic Therapists from the US, Canada and Ireland will now be able to obtain credentials in each other’s countries more easily, thanks to an agreement signed last week by the BOC and its Canadian and Irish peer organizations.

Representatives from the BOC, Canadian Athletic Therapy Association (CATA), Athletic Rehabilitation Therapists of Ireland (ARTI) convened at a Dublin conference to sign the international mutual recognition agreement (MRA) September 4, 2014. Under the agreement, the national certification bodies for athletic training and athletic therapy in all three countries will recognize each other’s education and certification standards.

“We have very strict standards by which we certify our Athletic Trainers,” said Susan McGowen, President of the BOC. “ATs’ skills are in demand worldwide and this just makes it easier for them to work where they want to go. We are working collaboratively by removing barriers for qualified professionals to reach the top of their profession.”

The MRA, signed at the Joint Ireland Faculty of Sports Exercise Medicine and World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy (WFATT) Conference, allows for a certified professional in one country to practice in another signatory nation following the successful completion of the respective nation’s examination.

Expanding upon a mutual recognition agreement signed in 2005 by the BOC and the CATA, this new agreement ensures common recognition among those organizations and ARTI, their peer organization in Ireland.

“As standards continue to align globally, the Board of Certification, in cooperation with our current partners and the World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy, look forward to future agreements with other organizations of like-minded professionals around the world dedicated to the prevention and care of injuries to the physically active individual,” McGowen said.

Election for the Next BOC AT Director is Now Open!

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

BOC Certified Athletic Trainers (ATs) are encouraged to vote in the Board of Directors election. The election is being conducted by electronic ballot beginning September 4, 2014, through 11:59pm CT on October 16, 2014.

The field includes three candidates for the next BOC Athletic Trainer Director. They are Thomas M. Dodge, PhD, ATC, CSCS; Marsha Grant-Ford, PhD, ATC; and Patrick J. Sexton, EdD, ATR, ATC, CSCS. Biographies, videos and CVs for the candidates are available on the BOC website.

On September 4-5, ATs will receive an email with voting instructions from the BOC’s external partner for the election, Survey and Ballot Systems. To make sure the email arrives on time, ATs are encouraged to add the following email address as an approved sender: ATs who do not have a valid email address on file with the BOC will receive a letter via US mail.

BOC Certified ATs have the responsibility of electing Athletic Trainer Directors to serve on the BOC Board of Directors. To see the job description for board members, visit the BOC website. Please note that the BOC Athletic Trainer Director election is separate from the NATA presidential election, which is occurring at the same time.

To stay up-to-date on BOC Board of Directors election news, follow the BOC on the social media outlets listed below, and be sure your contact information is current in BOC Central™.