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The Program Director Toolbox and Support from the BOC

Monday, March 28th, 2011

The BOC encourages Program Directors to share our helpful resources with students and CI/ACIs as appropriate. We’ve recently updated or provided new information relating to the BOC exam and certification on the BOC website. We appreciate the partnership of Program Directors in educating our future healthcare professionals. Please contact the BOC office by emailing or calling (877) 262-3926 ext. 113 if you have comments, questions or concerns regarding the exam or suggestions on how we can improve BOC services.


BOC AT Regulatory Conference - The BOC invites CAATE ATEP students interested in athletic trainer regulation and leadership to attend this event in Omaha July 8-9, 2011. The conference is designed to create a communication network among state athletic trainer leadership and state regulatory agencies. The student registration cost is $100, and the registration deadline is May 23, 2011.

Role Delineation Study/Practice Analysis - The BOC Role Delineation/Practice Analysis (RD/PA) identifies essential knowledge and skills for the athletic training profession and serves as a blueprint for exam development.

Role Delineation NATA Competencies Crosswalk  - This document takes the current RD/PA and illustrates its correlation with the current educational competencies document.

AT Educator Resources
 - This webpage provides a webcast from the University of Wisconsin-Madison ATEP and the presentation from the 2011 Educators’ Conference.

Exam References - This list of references being used for current exam items has been updated for the 2011-2012 exam year.

How to Electronically Endorse a Candidate - This short video shows Program Directors how to electronically endorse a candidate as well as what to do if the candidate provides incorrect information.

Sample Exam Questions - These sample exam items, which familiarize candidates with the look and feel of the computer interface and its navigation tools, have recently been updated to align with the current RD/PA.

Self Assessment Exams - All five versions of the self assessment exam have recently been updated to align with the current RD/PA. Program Directors can purchase self assessment exams in bulk batches at a discounted rate by contacting Stacy Arrington at

BOC Style Guide - This provides the common style and terminology used to create BOC exam items. This has been updated to the "full version” as discussed at the 2011 Educators’ Conference.

Exam Reference Survey – This document details the references commonly used by Programs Directors for instruction.

This Week's FAQs

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Did you know that the acronym FAQ was born at NASA? FAQ stands for “frequently asked question” and, here at the BOC, we want to address some recent questions that have been brought to our attention by ATs and candidates.

Question from ATs: Do I need to renew my CPR card yearly if it is a 2-year program?

Answer: If your emergency cardiac care (ECC) card is valid for 2 years, you do not need to renew it yearly. You are current for 2 years. For more FAQs regarding recertification, visit the BOC website.

Question from Candidates: I’m ready to take the June BOC exam. How do I register?

Answer: First, candidates must start with the application process. The application deadline is weeks before the registration deadline.  Candidates must complete the Easy Steps for Online Exam Application Approval (Steps 1-4) no later than 5:00pm CT on the day marked on the BOC exam calendar. Candidates receive an email notification of application status within 5 business days after completing Steps 1-4.  Once approved, candidates can register and pay for the exam during two different registration windows: the $300 exam window (candidate saves $75 and receives priority scheduling) or the $375 exam window. The scheduling email is sent 3-7 business days after the last day of that specific registration window for the exam. For more information regarding exam eligibility and the process, visit the BOC website

We want to Be Certain.™ you have a pleasant credentialing service, so please contact us with your questions.

BOC Workshop - Understanding the Exam

Friday, March 11th, 2011

The BOC and the GLATA Student Senate will be presenting a workshop on the exam again this year on March 12th. Last year's workshop was well attended and so popular that we were asked back. The workshop is going to be recorded and archived on both the GLATA and BOC websites.

The workshop will review how the exam is developed, how items are written and sample items will be shown. Bria Noel, ATC, will present on how she prepared for the exam last year.

Let us know if the workshop was helpful to you if you attended last year - and for those who are attending March 12 - let us know what you thought, how we can make it better, etc.

National Athletic Training Month Recognizes AT Commitment

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Celebrate National Athletic Training Month in March. This recognition honors Athletic Trainers (ATs) for their commitment to helping people prevent injuries and keeping people healthy and active.

Athletic trainers (ATs) are healthcare experts who specialize in prevention, recognition, management, and rehabilitation of injuries that result from physical activity. ATs work under the direction of a licensed physician and collaborate with other health care professionals, coaches, parents and administrators.

Several activities are organized nationally to increase the awareness of the athletic training healthcare profession in celebrating National Athletic Training Month.

Thank you to the 36,000+ individuals who have earned the ATC® credential worldwide for their service & dedication to healthcare.

Celebrate National Athletic Training Month by following these important
injury-prevention tips:

• Before participating in activity, see your physician for a physical exam.
• Always make sure you have an emergency plan in place.
• Drink seven to ten ounces of water or sports drink every ten to twenty minutes during exercise.
• Avoid tobacco, alcohol and other harmful drugs.
• Have access to a certified Athletic Trainer and tell them “thank you.”